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Beginning January 1, 2019, clients throughout Manassas, Virginia, can choose from the many green 100 percent organic landscaping service packages offered by Personal Touch Landscape Services. Packages include services like garden weeding and lawn maintenance. Full pruning packages, which include pruning three times a year during the spring, summer, and fall are available. All of our packages are designed to enhance the natural look of your outdoor space and include soil testing for plant beds and lawn areas to ensure the overall health and beauty of your yard.

Tree Pruning

Our Packages

Our packages are designed to boost curb appeal and improve the health of your lawn. Each package includes services to keep weeds away, as well as regular weekly services, like trimming, weeding, and debris removal to keep lawns looking sharp and manicured. Our edging and blowing services are biweekly and include sidewalks and driveways.

Spring Packages

Our spring packages include everything from general cleanup and tree trimming to tree and plant fertilization. Also, we turn existing mulch and add more if requested. In May and June, we weed gardens and take care of any necessary minor pruning.

Summer Packages

Summer packages are offered in August and include garden visits, weeding, and full pruning services. Also, we will fertilize plants and trees and turn existing mulch.

Fall Packages

In the late fall, we will prune any shrubs and trees that require winter pruning. We also offer additional optional services.